Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Two Neat Sites, and a Question

I just came across links to these two educational websites.

This one helps you comprehend the size of an atom.  Quite fascinating!
Cell Size and Scale

And this one has a short educational video for each element on the periodic table.
The Periodic Table of Videos

These are both interesting and useful websites that I would like to use as supplements when it comes time to study biology and chemistry with my children.  But there are many, many interesting educational websites like these that I would like to use in the future.  I'm not really sure how to keep track of them all!

So here's a question for other homeschooling parents.  How do you keep track of educational websites that you would like to use in the future?  There are so many fantastic resources online, how do you organize them all?  Any thoughts about the internet as an educational resource would be appreciated. :)


  1. It is complicated, and I don't have any answers, there are so many resources out there, that so long as you have internet access you could educate without almost anything else.

    I keep a bookmark list of resources I think I'd use, but half the time I don't. But with Professor Google at my fingertips I am rarely lost for an answer no matter what the children are studying.

  2. I keep email "drafts" saved with links I want to use!
    Since I use a web-based email (like gmail or yahoo, etc.), if my computer crashes, I still have my links.
    I keep it as a draft rather than email it to myself, because I can add or move things around.

    I created one email draft to begin with, and then when it got too much, divided it into separate emails by subject.
    Breaking it up by grade isn't always easy, since some things can overlap. (and I *could* do that within the actual email draft, kind of keeping it in order.)

    I post things to a blog for my kids to view (like videos I find, or fun educational links), and right now I mostly post about science. We're doing Apologia General this year.
    I also put in my post other links that are for ME, but other parents potentially might like them too.
    After I post them, I usually make a note of that in my email draft and/or move it to the bottom of my email.

    Sounds crazy, but it works! =)